Welcome to the online information center for Lake Toxaway Fire Rescue, Inc. (LTFR). LTFR is a non-profit volunteer organization that is made up of dedicated, experienced firefighters and rescue personnel. Our top-notch training and organization make LTFR a first class department.

We are committed to protecting our community as a whole. We have a wide array of resources and knowledge at our disposal to effectively and quickly supress hazards, emergencies, and all types of fire and fire related incidents. We also assist in many other emergencies including, but not limited to:

Automobile Accidents/Vehicle Extrication

Medical Assistance

Water Incidents

• Searches/Carry Outs

• Gas/Fuel Leaks  

The mission of the LTFR is to protect the lives and property of the residents and visitors that are within LTFR's contracted district lines. LTFR shall also provide mutual aid to any other departments that request such assistance. LTFR shall also provide first responder services to help the sick and injured.